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June 23, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Benefits of Glide-Out Shelves

Glide-out Shelves

If you’re embarking on a cabinet refacing project, consider installing glide-out shelves. Glide-out shelves not only improve the appearance of your kitchen but also increase its overall functionality by improving access and increasing storage space. Here are three reasons why glide-out shelves should be part of your cabinet refacing project.

1. Easier to Use

Sliding shelves have a self-lubricating railing system that makes it easy to move your shelves regardless of how much weight is loaded onto them. With glide-out shelves, you’ll no longer have to put unnecessary stress on your body by squatting down and searching through your shelves for the product you’re looking for. Installing glide-out shelves puts everything in your kitchen at your fingertips without you having to lift, bend, or twist.

2. Improved Access

Glide-out cabinet shelves mean you will no longer have to awkwardly climb inside your cabinets to find the specific item you’re searching for. Instead, you’ll easily slide your shelves out to instantly bring even the deepest and darkest parts of your cabinet directly to you. Say goodbye to wasted time spent digging through your cabinets to find the ingredients you need for your grandmother’s famous carrot cake recipe.

3. Better Organization

We’re not saying you have to completely reorganize your cabinets, but with glide-out shelves, it’s much easier to do so if that’s your thing. By simply gliding out your shelves, you’ll finally be able to see where everything is and organize your products the exact way you want to. You can get much more out of your cabinets when you can see everything in them and can easily organize.

Professional Cabinet Refacing in South Florida

At Florida Cabinet Refacing, our professionals have years of industry experience and the expertise needed to improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re interested in our glide-out shelves or our other cabinet refacing products or services, give us a call today at (877) 959-5009.

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