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Kitchen Color Trends of 2018

Kitchen Color Trends 2018

Home is where the heart is, but where is the heart of the home? A kitchen can be the epicenter of your living space. So when deciding what design you plan on going with for a new home or remodeling project, there is a multitude of things to consider.

Kitchens have become the new common area. We are seeing more and more open style designs with warm colors, making the space more invigorating and inviting. So today, we are going to go over the right color schemes when planning out your new kitchen space.

There are several colors and styles that work great and can set the overall tone for your home. Here are some of the hottest kitchen trends of 2018:

Go Bold

Vibrant colors, such as red and orange, are slowly making their way into the kitchen. These two colors are believed to stimulate the appetite and the mind. Adding a splash of one of these colors is a great way to direct people’s attention to a particular area. However, since these colors are so intense, it is important to carefully consider where they will be displayed.

Bright hues aren’t necessarily your vibe? Try adding an accent piece, such as an orange vase. This still creates the same bold effect without going to the extreme of paint. If you do choose to go-bold-or-go-home, incorporating these colors into your walls or as a backsplash calls for a more subtle cabinet choice. Florida Cabinet Refacing offers red oak stains with subtle undertones that would make for a perfect combination of daring, yet inviting.

Industrial Look

Is gray the new black? It is used in modern, traditional, and rustic style kitchens. Gray is a luxurious and sleek color that may appear dull, yet provides a sense of warmth and simplicity to a kitchen. A common trend we’ve seen is pairing gray and black in the kitchen for an industrial style look. The combination of black and gray hues are endless, and a great way to create a bold contrast in a kitchen space. Charcoal gray walls paired with Exotic and SG wood cabinets create an opulent aesthetic that will leave your house guests in awe. Black cabinets paired with light gray walls allows for a sense of depth and elegance in the kitchen. When refacing your cabinets, consider the black stain in the Paint Grade line for an industrial look.

Go Green

Green is a great color which adds a fresh and organic feel to a kitchen space. The most common shades that people put in their kitchens are mint, apple green, and emerald. Paired with our light hickory cabinet stains, the color green creates an inviting feel and can give the illusion of a bigger kitchen. If you choose to “go green” on your walls, consider going green with our sustainable and renewable Lyptus cabinet finishes for an earthy feel in your home.

Hello Yellow

Hands down, yellow is the color of the year. It is a color that provides warmth and comfort, and can immediately brighten up a room. As an instant eye-catcher, it is a great color to use on an accent wall or as a backsplash. Whether you choose a vibrant yellow or more of a subtle, pale yellow, the color complements well with lighter woods to provide a rural, homey feel. If you choose to brighten up your kitchen with a pop of yellow, consider the first five shades of our Hickory or Maple wood stains.


No matter how many trends come and go, simplicity will always be in style. Having a simplistic kitchen allows for a clutter-free and chic area that can be enjoyed by everyone. Colors like white and blue provide a sophisticated look. White or ivory walls paired with the deep blue finish in our Paint Grade line creates a vintage feel. Pair these neutral colors to create a beautiful contrasting modern appearance.

Let Florida Cabinet Refacing Keep You Up To Date with the Latest Kitchen Trends

Designing your kitchen can be a daunting first step in creating a perfect home. If you’re ready for help transforming your kitchen, call Florida Cabinet Refacing today at 877-969-5110 or contact us here.

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