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Kitchen Color Trends of 2018
October 12, 2018

DIY: How to Fix Stripped Screw Holes in Your Cabinets

DIY steps to fix stripped screw holes in Palm Beach County.

How often do you find yourself in the kitchen? There are many who would call it the center of the home; where all the action really goes down. The average adult spends roughly 37 minutes in the kitchen daily. That means it’s safe to assume that with all that wear and tear, there isn’t a household out there that hasn’t experienced the sadness of a cabinet door that just doesn’t look the way it used to or the screeching that comes from loose door hinges. Our team has compiled a few easy methods for you to fix those pesky stripped out screws that are the bane of any homeowner.

Try a Bigger Screw

This is, without a doubt, what we like to think of as the easiest fix. With the constant use that cabinet doors see, the joints that hold them into the wooden frames eventually lose the tension needed to keep the hinges tight and in place. More often than not, you can fix any loose hinge by taking your original screw out and replacing it with one that is both longer and wider. Even though the stripped hole already exists, the larger new screw can still wedge itself into the wood fibers and fix your problems nice and easily.

Fill the Stripped Hole With New Wood

Another handy trick that we like to encourage is adding more wood into the stripped hole. By filling the hole with the appropriate amount of toothpicks or even wooden matchsticks (after removing the igniting tips, of course) you should be able to reinsert the screw and find that it sits more securely than before. This is a quick fix, though due to varying sizes or weights of cabinet doors, it may end up being somewhat of a temporary one.

Purchase a Stripped Screw Kit

There are a wide variety of kits that you can purchase that are relatively cheap and easy to find online or at any hardware store. If you’re okay with spending a few extra minutes on your repair, then this is probably the best way to go. Any kit you can get ahold of will do a bang up job fixing the stripped hole and will have your cabinets looking like they did the day you moved in.

Why Spend Your Free Time Fixing Anything?

Florida Cabinet Refacing has your best interests in mind when we tell you to let us do the hard work! Our professional team will have your kitchen back in perfect working order in no time. If you’re ready to put down the hammer, call us today at (877) 814-2549 or contact us here.

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