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DIY Tips to Spice Up Your Cabinets

DIY tips to spice up your cabinets in South Florida.

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Your kitchen is the most expensive room to upgrade in the house. The cost of new appliances, countertops, and flooring can exceed tens of thousands of dollars. Most homeowners do not have that kind of money in the budget. Luckily, you can spend less than two hundred dollars by DIY updating your cabinets. Read on for the best DIY tips for your kitchen cabinetry.

1. Paint Them

One of the cheapest ways to give your kitchen an instant facelift is by painting your cabinets. If your cabinets are plastic-laminate, they usually do not take in the paint, so it may be better to leave it to the professionals. Whether you want a bright, cheerful color or a simple white, make sure you buy a paint that is formulated for high traffic use. This way, the paint job will last for years to come. Usually the glossier the paint, the higher the durability. Before you start, clean your cabinets well so no dirt, crumbs, or gunk gets stuck in the paint. Protect your countertops and floors by covering them with newspaper and taping it in place. Completely cover your knobs and hinges with tape. Next, sand the cabinets with 100-grit sandpaper until the old paint is only faintly visible. Make sure to wipe up the dust. Use a 3-inch paint brush and prime the cabinets. Wait for the primer to dry, and then it’s time to paint! Wait another two hours after your first coat to apply the second. Remember, your kitchen will be out of commission while the paint is drying so consider ordering in for dinner. Once everything is dry, remove the newspaper and tape and admire your hard work!

2. Switching out the Knobs

Switching out the knobs of your cabinets is even easier and cheaper than painting them. First, you have to shop for the perfect knobs. Make sure the new knob is just as functional, inexpensive, size-appropriate, and durable as it is cute. Once you picked out your new knobs, simply unscrew the old knobs and switch them. Changing your knob from a handle to a pull, or vice versa, is slightly more complicated. Remove your old knob and fill in the hole with wood putty with a putty knife, wait for it to dry, sand it down, and paint the putty with the cabinet’s paint color. Using a measuring tape and pencil, mark where you want the new knob. Drill the holes for the new handles. Install and you’re done!

3. Install Uplighting

Uplighting instantly adds brightness to your kitchen. When cooking on your countertop, having extra lighting makes reading recipes, cutting food, and measuring ingredients far easier. It is best to buy uplighting that can be dimmed for a more intimate feeling. “Install” them by simply sticking the lights directly underneath your overhanging cabinets, and make sure to measure before sticking so your lights are equally spaced out.

4. Add An Adhesive Backed Wallpaper

Spice up the inside of your cabinets! A fun pattern can bring a ton of personality to your kitchen. There are countless adhesive backed wallpapers to pick from, but if you want to design your own, there is a customizable option. Measure the area you want to wallpaper, so you know how much to order. Installation is super easy and straight forward, so anyone can do it and be done in no time!

5. Remove Cabinet Doors

Do you want to show off your amazing china set? Or make your kitchen feel bigger? Removing your cabinet doors can quickly lighten up any kitchen. Removing a cabinet door is super easy. Put your hand into the cabinet, locate the clips at the end of each hinge, and yank the clip towards your body with your fingers until the clips unfasten. Repeat for all cabinet doors you’d like to remove. It’s that easy.

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