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Quick kitchen and bathroom refreshers.
Quick Kitchen and Bathroom Refreshers
March 4, 2019
DIY tips to spice up your cabinets in South Florida.
DIY Tips to Spice Up Your Cabinets
March 4, 2019

Using Strategic Lighting to Enhance Your Kitchen

Strategic kitchen lighting to enhance your kitchen in Martin County Florida.

In many kitchens, there is usually an overhead light connected to a switch or two on the wall. While having a single switch is convenient, the limited lighting can leave certain areas of the kitchen dimly lit and uninviting. Layering lighting in your kitchen is a strategic way to enhance its feel. A kitchen is a place for gathering, and it is often the hub of a home. A well-lit kitchen is comfortable for family and guests, and a beautiful kitchen increases your homes’ value!

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting creates an inviting feel to enhance your kitchen. You may already have windows or a sliding glass door, so open the blinds and let the light in. Some even think that natural lighting and sunlight is linked to good mental health! If you’re planning on a remodel, consider adding more windows or skylights.

Task Lighting

Because things get done in a kitchen, task lighting is essential. Placing lights above key spots like stovetops, sinks, and cutting surfaces will ensure that you’ll be able to see whichever project you’re working on. A table lamp in the right place is a simple way to brighten up a space. Make sure to include a light over the dining area.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting draws attention to sections of your kitchen that you want to highlight. Under-cabinet lighting will show-off your beautiful cabinets while providing extra light to countertops. However, only put an accent light over locations that you want people to see. Accent lighting can work against a sink full of dirty dishes.

Fan and Light Combo

Some people think that ceiling fans are an out-dated design faux pas, but it’s more important to put comfort first. If you live in a warm climate, a ceiling fan can be a lifesaver. That’s why a ceiling fan is a natural addition to the kitchen. Not only can it cool down a room, but it can also add beautiful, ambient lighting.

Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is an addition that is easy enough to do yourself. Dimmer switches are rated for the total number of watts that they will control. Add up the number of bulbs and their total wattage to make sure you get a switch that can handle the load of the connected lights. It also gives you control over the lights in the room during those times you need more or less light. Use a dimmer to transform a kitchen into an intimate dining space.

Enhance Your Kitchen with Florida Cabinet Refacing

Ready to enhance your kitchen? Strategic lighting is just one piece of the puzzle. Florida Cabinet Refacing’s professional design and installation services will help you make your dream kitchen a reality. For a free, no-obligation estimate, reach us by phone at (877) 959-5009 or contact us online and send us a message!

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