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March 4, 2019
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May 8, 2019

7 Kitchen Trends in 2019

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If we had to pick two words that sum up the kitchen design trends for 2019, they would be textured and rustic. Modern kitchens will always be popular, but the modern feel is moving away from the all-white kitchen towards darker colors. From cabinets to doors and floors, these up-to-date ideas are sure to inspire your remodel this year!

1. Colorful Kitchens

All white kitchens are out, but they’ve had a good run. So good, in fact, that they’re starting to feel dated. Color is featured in many different places on this list. Adding some color to cabinets is the perfect place to start. One trend is the “moody kitchen”. Dark tones of grey, green, navy, and black make a kitchen look bold and refined. You can also try adding muted pastel colors for a timeless, modern or country feel.

2. Natural Stone

Adding stone walls to your kitchen creates a rustic effect. Stone is also hygienic because it is easy to clean and non-porous, so it doesn’t retain odors or germs like other surfaces. However, countertops made from granite are losing popularity. The trend is moving towards textured stones instead of the shiny, polished finish of granite.

3. Reclaimed Wood

Continuing the warm and cozy trend, reclaimed wood makes a nice compliment to stone. Like stone, adding wood to your kitchen is all about texture. A wood-paneled wall accents a kitchen well. Of course, you can install new cabinets or resurface old ones to get that homey, wood feeling in your kitchen.

4. Copper Accents

Copper has made its way into the kitchen in the last few years, and it is a trend that is going to continue. A little copper can make its way anywhere in your kitchen. Try adding copper to cookware, cabinet handles, or faucets. Or, go all in on copper with a copper sink and backsplash. Because it is so versatile, copper works well in a modern kitchen as well as a rustic kitchen.

5. Tall Backsplashes

A typical kitchen backsplash is roughly four inches, and it is made from the same material as the countertop. A four-inch backsplash saves money on the cost of materials while still offering your walls protection. If you want to add soe flair to your kitchen, a tall backsplash, one that extends up the wall, is just the thing. Stick with the trend this year and choose a stone, wood, or copper material. Another option is tile – it is functional and easy enough to install yourself.

6. Matte Finish

Matte is a great option because it adds two trends; a modern feel with dark colors. While glossy cabinet finishes aren’t going out of style, matte finishes are starting rising in popularity. You can add matte to faucets, appliances, and sinks to have it stand out from the background. Another great element about a matte finish is that it doesn’t tend to get fingerprints on it like a glossy surface.

7. Dark Floors

Dark wood floors go well with both light or dark cabinets. For a kitchen with light colors, dark floors will add a bold, anchoring contrast. On the other hand, dark floors with dark-toned appliances and cabinets will complete a kitchen’s moody look. A textured, reclaimed wood, pulls together a sophisticated, agrarian design concept.

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Tell us which design ideas you want in your kitchen! During your complimentary consultation, Florida Cabinet Resurfacing will bring the showroom to you. Our professionals custom build each install and provide a 3-year warranty on the installation. Contact us at (877) 959-5009 today! nsultation, Florida Cabinet Resurfacing will bring the showroom to you. Our professionals custom build each install and provide a 3-year warranty on the installation. Contact us at (877) 959-5009 today!

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