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Making the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

How to utilize your kitchen space in the most efficient way in South Florida.

Do you feel cramped in your kitchen? Talk to us today and learn about the options you have to make the most out of your cabinet storage.

We all know how frustrating a cluttered kitchen can be. When you don’t have much space to begin with, it fills up pretty quickly. Before you know it, you’re running out of cabinet space, your pantry is full of old food and snacks, and there isn’t room on your countertop for one more appliance, let alone your cutting board! Trust us, taking the time to declutter your kitchen is more important than you might realize… we know you won’t regret it!

Make the Most Out of Your Cabinet Space

Often times there’s a lot of extra space inside cabinets that go unused because shelves don’t extend all the way, or because of the shapes and sizes of your pots and pans. Consider adding a few hanging racks so that you can take advantage of all of the unused vertical space you’re missing out on. Organizer sets can really open up the possibilities for what you can fit in your cabinets, and they’re cheap too! Another brilliant option is adding a few pull-out drawers into a cabinet. Sometimes we lose space due to hard to reach spots in cabinets, but with rolling, pull-out drawers you can finally forget about hurt backs and digging through pots and pans!

Clear Your Counter-Tops

One of the most vital steps in opening your kitchen back up is clearing off the counter space. It’s easy to let appliances, pots and pans, and everything in-between pile up over time. Eventually, a day comes when you’re hit by the truth… that you don’t have room for anything! Get rid of your knife block and install a magnetic knife strip above your stove or even on the side of your fridge. If you have the room, you can mount a rod and some hooks between cabinets make use of the vertical space there. Cups and mugs take up space quick since they don’t necessarily stack well, and don’t even get us started on how terribly pans fit together… Getting them out of your cabinets and into the open air will make all the difference in your kitchen. If drawer space is an issue for you, buy a few jars and group different utensils by type or purpose. Not only will it free up a bit more space, but it’s a great and easy way to add a little bit of intentional flare to any kitchen.

It’s Not Just a Sink

A huge part of saving space is by learning how to take an area and make it serve multiple roles. For instance, a kitchen sink is just empty space while you’re preparing and cooking a meal… or is it? Try turning your sink into a prepping station by purchasing an adjustable cutting-board. In fact, if you’re already working with a small kitchen, it might be worth it to switch over to a single-bowl sink. A single-bowl sink takes up less counter space and provides a bit more incentive to wash your dishes as you use them since there’s less room to let them sit. If you aren’t in a position to be doing any serious kitchen remodeling, try repurposing the second sink bowl into a dish drying area.

Don’t Need It? Throw it Out!

Finally, the most important step… If you don’t have a need for something, then throw it out! Or if it’s a working kitchen appliance, there’s guaranteed someone out there who might be in need of it. Contact Habitat for Humanity, any local Goodwill or thrift store, or even list it on Craigslist or OfferUp. Clearing out all the old food, appliances, utensils, or dishes you don’t use, need, or like anymore will be a feeling unlike anything else… trust us.

Cabinet Space Can be Tricky…

But that’s why we’re here! Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but still have no space in your kitchen? Are you looking to bring your kitchen back to life and give it a fresh, new start? We treat the work we do for your cabinets as if they were our very own. Contact us online today or give us a call at (877) 814-2549.

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