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DIY Home Decorations This Summer

Summer decorating tips

Does your home need more than a simple makeover? Let us start in your kitchen with our custom design services.
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It’s June, so hold on tight because we’re heading into summer! Redecorating for summer can help you beat the heat by giving your home a cooler, brighter, and cleaner feel – it’s also fun and easy, too! Check out these effortless DIY summer home decoration tips from Florida Cabinet Refacing, so your home will be ready for summer.

Add Lots Of Color

Summer is hot, so using cool colors will make everything feel light and breezy. These shades are blue, green, and purple which all work well together. Think of turning your home into a summer beach house. Open the blinds to let light in and rearrange furniture away from the fireplace and towards the windows, slidinglass or double doors. Consider decorating with a theme using these sea color palettes that achieve a cooling, ocean effect. Adding an accent wall can easily add a large splash of color to any room. Also, repainting furniture is a great way to refresh those old desks, chairs, and side tables.

Use White Accents

Didn’t we just say to add lots of color? Yes, that’s right, and now we’re suggesting you to add accents of white. White is a great color to make a room feel cool and refreshing. Adding touches of white will make a room feel more spacious, cleaner and blend with those summer colors easily. Pick up some throw pillows and place them on the couches and armchairs. Place some pictures on the wall with large, white borders. You can also try some large, white pillar candles to add a subtle fragrance and liven up a room.

Take It Outside

Being outdoors is great during the summer. The nights cool down, and it stays light for longer. Get your patio and backyard ready for some grilling and late-night entertaining. The first thing you should do is get out the pressure washer or garden hose and clean whatever space you have. After that, bring in some extra chairs, so you don’t have to scramble for space when guests drop by. Outdoor couches, rugs, and tables can bring that living room feel outdoors to a patio or backyard making it feel more intimate and cozy. Don’t forget to add some cool, outdoor lighting like chandeliers or string lights.

Decorate With Nature

Now, tie everything together by adding plants and flower arrangements to your home. Not only do plants bring in fresh air, they also tie together all the summer decorating tips by bringing the outdoors inside, adding color, and splashes of white. Daisys, peonies, and lilies will add a variety of colors to your interior. It’s not hard to create your own flower arrangement either. Throw those flowers in a white vase, and you’re ready to go! Also, these plants are great for indoors – put them on top of coffee tables, desks, or bookcases.

Start Your Home Makeover With Florida Cabinet Refacing

Does your home need more of a facelift than redecorating? Call Florida Cabinet Refacing and upgrade your home today! We have years of woodworking and cabinet experience and promise to revitalize your kitchen with custom cabinets, shelving, and doors at a fraction of the price! Call us today at (877) 814-2549, or send us a message online to find out how we can help.

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