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4 Areas to Consider When Selecting a Cabinet Company

Florida Cabinet Refacing

Every homeowner aspires to have their own dream kitchen- it’s where some of the most important time is spent in the house! Choosing the right type of cabinets for your kitchen is a significant decision. Equally as important, is selecting the company to work with for refacing your kitchen’s cabinets, as it lays the framework for the rest of the space. The process of choosing and installing your kitchen’s cabinets is best experienced when working with a company that will provide you with excellent service all the way around.

4 Areas to Consider When Selecting a Cabinet Company:

Products and Services Offered

First and foremost, you want to make sure you are selecting a cabinet company that can provide high-quality products with expert service. Understanding the type of remodel you want for your kitchen is important in choosing a company that knows the ins and outs of the service. Cabinet refacing allows the structure of your cabinet boxes to stay the same while revamping the overall style and look of the cabinets. Additionally, you should look for a cabinet company that can offer you different services in helping you achieve beautiful cabinets including installation, surface refacing, and shelving services.

Company Values

It’s important to hire a cabinet company that respects and listens to you; quality products should be delivered with quality service you can depend on. Before finalizing your selection, visit the company’s website in order to learn more about what the company prioritizes in delivering for its customers. Since you are inviting the remodelers into your home, you should feel comfortable by having peace of mind that the company puts your needs first while holding themselves to the highest standard.


Price is understandably an important factor in choosing a cabinet company. Many customers make the mistake of just focussing on the price when selecting a company, however, this can result in frustrating service and a poor end product. Look for a cabinet company that provides convenience and offers payment options that allow you to choose what works best for your budget. Homeowners can save about 50% when choosing to reface cabinets rather than replace them, while still receiving a dramatically different kitchen. It’s important to choose a company that offers custom consultations, as well as a free and no-obligation estimate, in order to feel peace of mind beginning at the start of the process.

Company Reputation

Make sure the company you hire for your cabinet services has a proven track record of beautiful remodels. It’s important to consider both written reviews of proven customer experiences as well as remodel pictures of cabinet projects. The company’s website you’re considering should feature a gallery section with before and after pictures of kitchen spaces. Not only will you have the satisfaction that you’re hiring a team of cabinet experts, but you may even find some inspiration for your own kitchen as well!

Choose a Company That’s Right For You

The process of choosing a cabinet company may seem daunting- but it doesn’t have to be! Overall you should choose a company that values you as a customer, will provide you with excellent service, offer specialized pricing options, and provide you with your dream kitchen. Florida Cabinet Refacing prioritizes our customers as highly as we do with our cabinet remodeling products and services. Call us today at (877) 814-2549 to learn more information and to schedule a free estimate!

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