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4 Areas to Consider When Selecting a Cabinet Company
August 1, 2019
Is cabinet refacing right for you?
Is Cabinet Refacing Right For You?
September 25, 2019
Fall decor trends for 2019

Learn how you can achieve a trendy kitchen with great cabinets. Call Florida Cabinet Refacing at (877) 866-9525 today for a free consultation!

Making small changes to the inside of your home can not only elevate the look but also your mood. With fall around the corner, now is the perfect time to revamp your home’s interior design. These simple upgrades can completely transform your home by modifying the look and feel of each room. Here are seven decor trends to consider when revamping your home: 

1.) Sustainable Options

Sustainable products are not only good for the environment but are also durable and a great conversation piece! Swap out plastic items for metal and instead of leather items, try choosing a more sustainable option such as linen. Besides the benefit of ecological consciousness, the minimalistic look is also trending this year.

2.) Pop of Color

Something as simple as adding a pop of color can dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of a room. Add a pop of color by incorporating an accent pillow or rug that brightens up the room. A great aspect of a pop of color is that you can achieve different looks in the room by changing up the “pop” item instead of the entire decor!

3.)Rustic Accents

2019 has seen a trend of natural and minimalist approaches to design and color for inside the home. Shows such as Fixer Upper have helped popularize this trend. The rustic look can be achieved by incorporating warm hues and undertones into any room you want to transform.

4.) Layered Wall Decals

Elevate the look of your wall by adding different pictures, canvases, and wall decals. Wall decals are a great way to change the look of a room while not spending a lot of money. Layering also helps space look homier and put together.

5.) Painted Ceiling

Many people do not realize that they can paint their ceilings to brighten up a room. The “fifth wall” element is bold to color and has been trending this year with designers.

6.) Mustard Color

With Fall quickly approaching, many people are leaning towards incorporating warm colors throughout their home. A popular color this year is mustard yellow, as it blends well with other warm hues such as dark red and with black or brown.

7.) High-Quality Cabinets

The right cabinet can transform a kitchen to look upgraded and expensive. Florida Cabinet Refacing offers cabinet doors in a range of different wood colors and stains. It has never been easier to achieve a custom kitchen look when the right cabinets are selected.

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While trends change every year, having quality cabinets never goes out of style. Find out more about the upcoming cabinet trends for 2019 by contacting Florida Cabinet Refacing at (877) 866-9525 or by visiting our website for more information.

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