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How to Update Your Kitchen for the Holidays with Cabinet Refacing
How to Update Your Kitchen for the Holidays with Cabinet Refacing
October 14, 2019
Image of new year new kitchen cabinets with Florida Cabinet Refacing
Ring In the New Year with New Kitchen Cabinets
December 11, 2019
Image of Neutral cabinets for Fall Holiday Cabinet Trends

With the holiday season on its way, many families think about remodeling or updating their kitchens. Since the kitchen is a popular gathering place and gets a lot of use during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it makes sense that updating the kitchen area can make a big difference. One simple way to do that is cabinet refacing. 

Depending on your style preferences, budget and wishes, cabinet refacing is one way to give your kitchen a dramatic makeover pretty easily and with minimal cost. Below are a few color and style trends for kitchen cabinets. Consider these design ideas if you opt for cabinet refacing this holiday season: 

Neutral Colors

One popular trend that has overtaken kitchens is, you guessed it – neutral colors! Whether the cabinets are white, grey, beige, neutrals are a very popular option. Grey tones are particularly popular and you can see this trend popping up on Instagram, Pinterest, and even home improvement TV shows lately. The nice thing about grey cabinets is that the color blends nicely with almost any hardware accent. You can also easily style your kitchen decor around an easy neutral like gray. 

Textures & Metallic Hardware

Cabinet refacing is exactly what it sounds like… giving a new face to your cabinet. It involves a process of redesigning the top layer of your cabinet, or the “skin,” by installing a new veneer along with hinges, handles, and panels. One fun way to customize your newly refaced cabinets is by choosing textured or metallic hardware – especially gold and silver. Luckily, since neutral colors are trending, you can opt for nearly any style of gold or metallic hardware and it will look great!

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Here at Florida Cabinet Refacing, we understand the importance of a beautiful kitchen. Don’t let the costs of refacing or replacing your cabinets stop you from achieving your dream home. Contact the professionals at Florida Cabinet Refacing or give us a call at (877) 814-2549 for a free quote on your future service today.

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