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Image of new year new kitchen cabinets with Florida Cabinet Refacing

The new year is almost upon us, and what better time to give your kitchen cabinets a complete refresh? Cabinet refacing is an easy, affordable and simple way to give your cabinets a whole new look on a budget. It’s also a great way to update your kitchen affordably. If you’re looking for a way to ring in the new year and give your kitchen a fresh new look, look no further than cabinet refacing. 

Below, we’ll cover a few reasons cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a dramatic new look for the new year. 

1. Simple Installation

Cabinet refacing is a popular option because the installation process is simple and straightforward. Our qualified team members have been refacing cabinets for years and have the skills and expertise to ensure the process goes smoothly. Typically, you can expect to set an initial appointment and receive a design concept from our team within several days. You can also expect to enjoy your newly installed cabinets in as little as four business days. Some projects can be wrapped up in as little as a few hours! 

Keep in mind, remodeling your entire kitchen from scratch easily can take up to eight weeks or more – that’s a huge difference from just a few days! Kitchen remodels are also messy, require more materials, labor and as we mentioned, time. With cabinet refacing, you can expect a lot less mess, lower costs and an entirely new look. 

2. A Brand New Look

Speaking of a new look for your kitchen and cabinets – our clients love that they can experience dramatic changes in their kitchen so quickly. Our team works quickly and efficiently, so you can expect a speedy process and clean-up after the project is complete. With cabinet refacing, you can expect the color, texture and even hardware of your cabinets to change completely. This allows you to really create an entirely new look and give your kitchen an overhaul, without a large expense. 

Take a look at some of our most recent before and after projects to get an idea of the stunning possibilities for your kitchen cabinets. 

3. A New Year, A New Kitchen 

Ultimately, the best reason to opt for cabinet refacing is a brand new look for your kitchen. Many people love to start a new year with a new look for their home. Remodeling, however, isn’t always the best option. It can be expensive, very messy and time-consuming. Who wants to deal with not being able to fully use their kitchen for weeks on end, especially at the start of the new year. With the holidays and New Year’s Eve coming soon, it’s a great time to update your kitchen as a gathering place for friends and family. 

Cabinet refacing, when compared to renovating, gives you a fresh new look without the stress or mess. And compared to replacing your kitchen cabinets entirely, cabinet refacing saves you up to 40-50% off what you would normally pay to renovate. If you’re ready to ring in the new year with a new kitchen, then get in touch with Florida Cabinet Refacing & Closets today! 

Make a “New Kitchen” for the New Year with Florida Cabinet Refacing & Closets!

Tell us what your dream kitchen looks like! We’ll get your kitchen prepared in time for the holidays. During your complimentary consultation, Florida Cabinet Refacing & Closets will bring the showroom to you. Our professionals custom build each install and provide a 3-year warranty on the installation. Contact us at (877) 959-5009 today!

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